John Kerry doing the Full Ginsburg about #syria today.

How very last-minute of the man.  And of Barack Obama, too.

Two days after he made the Obama administration’s definitive case for attacking Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry will make the case for asking for congressional permission on the Sunday talk shows, a State Department aide said Saturday.

The White House has dispatched Kerry to all five Sunday morning news programs to urge a yes vote in Congress on the use-of-force authorization President Barack Obama seeks against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.


Note that Kerry skipped the Spanish-language stations this go-round; this is all about shoring up support for Barack Obama’s policies among the President’s white, liberal base. The private polling numbers that the President’s undoubtedly gotten by now for this issue must be horrible.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: One of the things that I miss about the GWB administration – one of the many, many things that I miss about the GWB administration – is that they rarely, if ever, panicked about stuff like this. George W Bush had what is apparently the rare ability* to decide on a policy, decide what was needed to accomplish that policy, then work out the path that got that policy accomplished without relying on Bush having to try butting his head through a brick wall.  His plans didn’t always work (Social Security reform comes to mind), but at least you knew that George W Bush had one.  Do we know what Barack Obama wants to do about Syria?  Does he?


*Well, certainly Barack Obama lacks that ability. If there’s an unifying theme to this administration that’s more complex than this, I have yet to hear of it.


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