Ed Snowden defects to Russia.


MOSCOW — National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia for one year and left a Moscow airport Thursday to formally enter the country’s territory, according to his lawyer.

Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s legal representative, told RT, a Russian television network, that the papers issued by the Russian Immigration Service allow him to live, work and travel in Russia for a year.


So, if there was anything that the NSA knew that you didn’t want the Russians to know… yeah, that ship may or may not have sailed. I’d snark about that more, except that I don’t actually think that any of this was or is funny.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You may safely assume that I am not taking seriously any suggestion that Ed Snowden’s adventures in Russia will be over within the year. Certainly Russian intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies intend for Snowden to have a nice, long visit…


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