IRS rank-and-file STILL not getting it?

Oh, pity this poor, poor, put-upon Cincinnati office anonymous IRS lawyer. S/he wrote in to Robert Anderson’s Witnesseth blog after Anderson noted that campaign contributions among IRS lawyers skewed heavily towards Democrats (government lawyers in general do, really). After complaining a bit about that awful Republican party, and its hostility towards government lawyers, the government lawyer finished up:


…if there is a lack of political diversity among federal government attorneys, it can be attributed almost entirely to the Republican Party agenda. That agenda makes me, and other federal government attorneys, very uneasy.

Hey! You know what makes me uneasy? IRS lawyers who go around and deliberately target conservative groups and individuals in order to further a partisan agenda that originated in Washington, DC. Guess which one of us has a trail of evidence justifying said unease.

Go ahead. Guess.

(Via TaxProf, via Instapundit)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I went off on this at the end of May, mind you. My response to IRS agents being upset then is identical to my response now: Doesn’t matter. Don’t bring politics into your job.

*The second step is not to say “But my problem is somebody else’s fault.”


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