Is Colorado state senator Angela Giron resorting to PAYING to have anti-recall supporters?

So, basically it’s going on like this: Colorado State Senator Angela Giron is being threatened with a recall for her support of the rather draconian gun control laws that the (currently) Democratic-controlled Colorado state legislature just passed. This was, of course, not received well by Democrats, and so Colorado Peak Politics did what all smart Right-populist groups do these days: they saturated the area with cameras and waited for Democratic shenanigans.


They may have gotten some.


The video starts off with anti-recall people trying to block visibility of the pro-recall signing stations – multiple times – which is both not actually permissible and rather, well, sad. But, no, that’s how you play the game. But then this guy shows up:

giron 2

Colorado Peak Politics would very much like to know who this guy is, because then he went and did this:

giron 1

…with ‘this’ being defined as ‘slipped money to somebody holding an anti-recall sign.’ And possibly this person:

giron 3

…and was seen in the company of yet a third anti-recall protester [UPDATE: hey, multiple sources are telling me that that’s state Senator Giron herself! In fact, that guy may be the woman’s husband Steve Nawrocki.  Hard to say, based on this photo.]

giron 4

Now, all of this may have been a big coincidence or misunderstanding. Maybe the guy was handing out playing cards. Maybe the guy was giving back change after a coffee run. Maybe the guy was paying off the anti-recall protesters legally, assuming that the guy was reporting all those cash money the way that he’s supposed to when it’s over $20. Hard to say, really. But it does certainly look on first glance like Colorado state senator Angela Giron is trying to get the best anti-recall ‘grassroots’ that money can buy.


Which apparently isn’t all that good, actually.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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