Status check on various gunmakers' flights from various states.

Let’s look at the practical results of gun control, shall we? Three states have recently signed into law some hefty gun control laws; what were the results?

  • Colorado: Magpul is now making some magazines and sights outside of the state. They’re also working on a new HQ.
  • Connecticut: PTR Industries will be moving out of the state shortly. It’s rumored that other companies will follow.
  • Maryland: Beretta’s pretty much just waiting for Martin O’Malley to sign a new gun control law next month*.

…and that’s pretty much it. Good-bye jobs, good-bye tax revenue, good-bye money circulation from the first two categories, and here’s the important point: there will be nothing to compensate for those losses. As usual, the new rules will do nothing to curb mass shootings; also as usual, the people who are patting themselves on the backs about forcing gun manufacturers out of particular states are not the sort of people who create new revenue-producing ventures. Put another way: they’re busy-bodies, not businessmen. Many of them would be vaguely insulted to be mistaken for businessmen.This would be entertaining, except that I live in a state where my taxes are going to go up pretty soon in order to compensate for the loss in revenue. And, come to think of it: idiocy that actually makes people’s lives worse is rarely entertaining, anyway.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I would like to think that this is what’s going to sink Martin O’Malley’s Presidential prospects in 2016, but alas it won’t. What will sink those prospects is that O’Malley’s another Andrew Cuomo, only without the charm.


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