Attention, Republican Senators planning any random pushback against the administration...

…and/or any public spectacles along those lines: April 10th is your target date. I repeat: April 10th is your target date.

President Barack Obama will launch a new round of schmoozing with his political opponents when he sits down to dinner with a dozen Republican senators on April 10.

Obama has been trying to gain Republican cooperation on a host of items on his second-term agenda including a deficit-reduction package, an overhaul of U.S. immigration laws and a tightening of gun regulations.


(Via Instapundit) Now, Senator Paul’s filibuster was genuinely spontaneous and genuinely compelling, so I would recommend that any Senators that are aiming to misbehave not try to reproduce it; instead, they should try to come up with something new. Perhaps someone could put together a… no, wait, this is a public forum. Any Congressional staffers interested in tactical suggestions or ideas should feel free to contact me privately.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I actually take a detached view about the idea that GOP Senators are permitting Barack Obama to try to charm them; Obama is incredibly bad at it, and enough of the Left (rightfully) sees it as a sign of weakness on the President’s part that I think the whole thing is most likely to be a wash. Besides, he might screw up and give up something that we want, in exchange for something that we don’t need. I don’t judge people for not buying any of hat, of course.


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