Richard Carmona (D CAND, AZ-SEN) REALLY wants you to know that he denies ever screaming at that woman.

You hear that? He says that it never happened.  Richard Carmona will be happy to keep telling you that, too. Over and over and over again.



Background here: the short version is that Carmona’s former boss cut an ad for Jeff Flake documenting alleged crypto-stalking behavior and general anger management issues (as in, Carmona can’t manage his) shown towards said boss by the candidate.  Given Carmona’s past history, particularly towards female managers, you can understand why Carmona would want to deny the charges.

Eighteen times, in a single interview.  Just in case you didn’t hear him any of the other times, apparently.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Hey, good thing that they got a male interviewer, huh?  It’s just that Carmona gets so worked up, sometimes.

PPS: Jeff Flake for Senate.

Because I trust him around my kids.


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