Welcome to the new Media paradigm, Mister Gibbs.

It’s one where you get interrupted when you try to spin the stupid things that your candidates say.


For those without video, it shows: George Stephanopoulos (!) playing a clip of Joe Biden’s infamous ‘buried’ gaffe*; asking Robert Gibbs whether gaffes like this will hurt the Vice President in his upcoming debate with Paul Ryan**; and stopping Gibbs cold when Gibbs tried to claim that Biden was talking about the last eight years*** when Biden clearly said four. Pure entertainment, in other words: oh, I’m sure that there were plenty of softballs and whatnot. It’s Stephanopoulos, after all. But perhaps the Media is figuring out that smacking the Democrats around a bit promises to be good for the ratings…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*ProTip: Never talk about how the last four years have been awful for a particular demographic when you’re one of the people who’s been in charge for the last four years.

**I am not trying to be cute, here: but we – and more importantly, Paul Ryan – need to be prepared to deal with the fact that Joe Biden can and will lie with a straight face in public. It kept him from being President; but apparently the Media doesn’t mind a habitual liar in the VP slot.

***Which is interesting, all on its own. Apparently the habits of 2008 are still strong in 2012; and while I agree that it would be more fun for Obama to run against Bush he’s, well, not.



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