We won the debate; now, let's move on to the next thing.

So, I had the opportunity to talk with Senator Marco Rubio last night, and ask him a question.  I’ll spare you the verbal tics and whatnot: what I asked Rubio, effectively, was “What advice did the Romney campaign take heed off, out of all of New Media’s unsolicited offerings along those lines?”  This is how Rubio responded:


Rubio 10/03/2012

The funny part was: at the time, I didn’t think that Senator Rubio had actually answered the question*.  But that’s because I had asked the question before the debate.  It was fairly clear last night that Romney had taken to heart the fundamental realization of most of us: Barack Obama ain’t so tough.  He is a little too ready to believe his own hype, doesn’t realize in his bones just how much he’s carried by others, and has an overrated sense of his personal skills and core competencies.  Mitt Romney exploited that from the start last night, and made the clear distinction between him and his opponent that the Senator talks about above and we all wanted Romney to make.

Which is great.  But it’s a start.  Have your warm, fuzzy feeling this morning, sure – then start thinking about how we can take away more from the Democrats.  And then start doing it, too.  We will not be able to coast to the election on the basis of this one primary, and winning elections is a team sport.  Fortunately, Mitt Romney gave us some good stuff to work with, last night.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS Erick is right: put your money where your mouth is.  I just did.

*This did not particularly bother me. Questions and answers in this business is often a cat-and-mouse game where neither side is ever really sure which one is the cat.



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