Question and Answer time with Unca Moe! (Voter ID edition)

Q. Unca Moe, why is James Fallows doing his level best to bang a drum and holler about those eeeeevillll Voter ID Laws, when he knows full well he’s wasting his time, given that 3/4ths of the population support them?  Is it because he’s one of those wicked Leftists who think that black people are too stupid to drive cars, buy alcohol, cash checks, serve in the military, or just go get a picture ID?


A. Oh, of course Jimmy doesn’t believe any of those wicked, wicked things: he writes for the Atlantic, which has maintained minimum standards for decorum and ethics for its columnists ever since they got rid of Andrew Sullivan.  No, Jimmy’s just alarmed that Barack Obama may actually lose, and so is just preparing the narrative about how we evil, vicious Republicans stole the election again.

Q. So he’s a race-baiter, not a racist?

A. Yup!

Q. …Isn’t that kind of racist, too?

A. Yes, but you have to grade the Left on a curve sometimes, bless their hearts.

Unca Moe (crosspost)


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