Obamacare, 90 seconds, the NRCC, and YOU.

This is an interesting experiment that Rep. Steve King and the NRCC are doing with regard to House Republicans’ latest anti-Obamacare push:

…If you don’t have a scanner handy, the QR code* above goes here.


Alternatively, you can watch this video (“90 Seconds to Repeal.”):

…which pretty much walks you through the entire sorry mess that is Obamacare in, indeed, ninety seconds. Short version: Obamacare is horrible, nobody really knows everything that’s in it, and certain elements that people do know are in it are right now being assessed for basic Constitutionality by a very suspicious Supreme Court. Nothing particularly new to readers here, but still hopefully useful for people trying to explain to other people just how perverse the entire legislative strategy to pass Obamacare was. And it was pretty perverse.

I also find it interesting that the NRCC is experimenting here with exploiting new social media paradigms in order to achieve maximum memetic dissemination of its core messaging units… :WHACK!: …sorry. What I meant to say that it’s cool that the NRCC is working to take advantage of cell phones and Tumblr here to get the word out on Obamacare. We need to keep up with the technology.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*QR stands for “Quick Response;” essentially, it’s a two-dimensional bar code (the UPC code that you see on cans and boxes at the supermarket is one-dimensional). It’s gotten big lately because, being two-dimensional, you can pack a heck of a lot more of information into it; also, cell phones now have enough processing power** that they can decode one.

**Note, by the way, that I am assuming that of course the average cell phone has a camera attached. And so did you, probably. Funny how the tech keeps on advancing, even when we’re not looking, huh?


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