Fast Eddie Rendell lays down markers for consideration by a Romney administration.

Business is business.


I was going to excerpt this, but the entire thing is worth listening to; the link above gives a partial transcript. The entire thing comes across as former Governor Rendell making darn sure that the next administration knows that some members of the Democratic party elite were not actively involved in the ongoing (and upcoming) bouts of character assassination, dirty tricks, cheap shots, and generally nyeh kulturny behavior engaged in by an increasingly desperate Obama administration, what a tragedy, such promise, let’s all move, as they say, on.


I point this out not only because it’s funny: I point this out because everybody – including Team Romney – knows that we here in the base are paying attention to what’s going on in Dizzy City. I’m not concerned that the Democrats are making discreet signals that they’re ready to do business. I do have concerns about what business is ready to be done; and I expect the concessions to be as one-sided in our favor as possible. With the VRWC grassroots being the ones defining what’s ‘possible.’

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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