Stuck in traffic on November 17th? Look for the union label!

The n-dimensional geniuses over at SEIU (Michigan) have decided to link up with the Occupy Ringworm people in declaring November 17th to be Bridge Action Day – which should, of course, be more accurately characterized as Bridge Inaction Day.  The idea is that all these public sector union folks will take an unofficial day off from their jobs – which are probably a lot more secure than the average private sector person’s – and use their paid-for leisure to block some bridges, which will of course keep ordinary Michigan workers from getting to work on time.  This is apparently to show… solidarity… with the people whose day SEIU is ruining.  No, don’t think about it too hard: you’ll just get a migraine from the resulting irony fumes.


Trust me on this.

Anyway, couple that with the inevitable copycat ‘direct actions’ – and, of course, this charming promise to firebomb Macy’s – and it becomes increasingly obvious that tomorrow might be an excellent time to telecommute to work.  Assuming, of course, that you still have a job that will let you do that, thanks to this marvelous economy that the Democrats have given unto us…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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