Barack Obama tries the same failed tactic on 'stimulus.'

Let me just simplify this for the President’s tired and rather sad proposal on how to pay for his tired and rather sad ‘jobs’ bill:

President Barack Obama would pay for his $447 billion jobs plan by ending a series of tax breaks for oil and gas companies, hedge-fund managers and people making more than $200,000, the White House said Monday.

In total, Mr. Obama’s plan would end about $467 billion of tax breaks over 10 years, said White House Office of Management and Budget Director Jack Lew. The president has previously proposed ending the tax breaks, but has faced stiff resistance from Republicans.



We are very possibly approaching the second stage of a double-dip reception, if we are not in one now; and even if we are not it is still not a good idea to raise gas/oil prices, not to mention putting yet more tax burdens on our small businessmen (the Left really, really hates it when its pointed out that their vaunted $200K/$250K tax hikes will hit small businesses that file as S-Corporations right between the eyes).  This is known, by the way: after all, as Hot Air helpfully reminds us, the Democrats ran from similar proposals in 2009, back when they were pretending to be responsible legislators eager to do the country’s business.  The reality, of course, is that they were more interested in giving the country the business.

In other words: if your own party was uninterested in running up even more debt and taxes to pay for your enthusiasms, don’t expect my party to.

Moe Lane


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