The WI Recall results open thread.

[UPDATE] With four retentions and two losses (one being the Republican in the Democratic district, and the other being the guy with the alleged adultery problem), I think that we can safely bring forth the unofficial Democratic Base Theme Song.

No, you’ve earned this, Wisconsin Democrats.  Tonight’s results cost you twenty million, and you didn’t reach your primary objective. Enjoy.

I’m pre-loading this: I have family over.  Results can be found here, once the polls close at 8 PM CST: if I had to guess, I’d say +1 Democrat is the most likely result, with +2 Democrat almost as likely and +0 Democrat is not actually out of the question.  I’m not expecting the Wisconsin Senate to actually flip, which is the Democrats’ actual victory condition here – but then, I was hopeful that we weren’t going to lose Congress in 2006, so what the heck do I know?

Guess we’ll see.

Moe Lane

PS: I am reminded that Governor Walker signed into law today redistricting legislation that should usefully infuriate Wisconsin Democrats.  Said legislation will have no effect on the recall elections, but it’s going to have a serious effect on the next set of elections; the Democrats are challenging the results in court, apparently on the grounds that partisan gridlock is effectively enshrined in the state constitution.

I swear, once upon a time everybody thought that Wisconsin politics were kind of innocuous.  Apparently there was this sea of molten rage and contention lurking beneath the surface.  Who knew?