Harry Reid wants us to throw Eric Cantor under the bus.

The always-reliable (mouthpiece for Democrats, that is) Greg Sargent is playing Alinsky-stalking-horse-by-proxy for his party this morning by trying to push out the narrative that President Obama’s abrupt cutting and running from debt ceiling negotiations yesterday night reflects badly on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor , somehow.  This is, of course, absurd – aside from everything else, it’s not Cantor’s fault that the President couldn’t even get his ‘don’t call my bluff’ line out without looking like a doofus – but then, it’s not as if the Democrats are going to admit that they’ve foisted the weakest and most unsuited candidate for President since Warren Harding on the American people, now is it*?


Allow me to summarize Reid’s remarks, and the Republican base’s (projected) nigh-universal response.

Harry Reid: That awful, awful Eric Cantor made the President cry yesterday!  It took us forever to get Obama to unlock the bathroom door!  We hate Cantor and he’s mean! The adults in the Republican party should totally keep him out of the negotiations from now on until President Obama feels better.

Us (and by ‘us’ I mean the GOP base): No.  And we’re going to note the name of every Republican politician and pundit who goes along with Harry Reid here.

I’m only paraphrasing the first part.

Moe Lane

PS: You can discuss problems that you may or may not have with Eric Cantor; or you can figure out a way to properly ‘reward’ Harry Reid for trying to stick his oar into our internal affairs.  Guess which one the Democrats want you to do?


*Also, it’s Cantor.  The Democrats have a bit of a… problem with Cantor, if you know what I mean.



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