The first wave Wisconsin Primary results open thread.

OK, this is going to be complicated.

The polls close at 9 PM EST.  Results are going to be here; there are no contested Republican primaries, but there are six Republicans-running-as-Democrats in the Democratic ones.

  • District 2: Otto Junkermann
  • District 8: Gladys Huber
  • District 10: Isaac Weix
  • District 14: Rol Church
  • District 18: John Buckstaff
  • Distrct 32: James D Smith

I didn’t want to say anything at the time, but I figure that ten minutes before the polls close is safe enough: I don’t believe that Operation Chaos-style operations actually work in the real world.  These folks accomplished their mission by giving the people of Wisconsin another month to realize that yea, indeed, the Democrats had fallen into shrieking hysteria over the original labor reform legislation: actually preventing a Democratic candidate from advancing would be gravy’s gravy.

I’ll happy to be proven wrong, of course.

Moe Lane


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