#weinergate ... well, now. Weiner's naked torso.

[FURTHER UPDATE] If you missed that, then you have missed the most epic Wait, What? in recent political history.

[UPDATE]: Here’s the live feed for the press conference… which has been apparently taken over by Andrew Breitbart.  Wait, what?  Did Weiner run?


This would be where the deep hurting starts: Big Journalism released another photo from now-officially-beleaguered! Rep. Anthony Weiner to a second, as-yet-unnamed* woman.  Not only is said photo as explicit as the one that sunk Chris Lee’s career (essentially, naked male torso a go-go), there’s also this gem:

On Wednesday, May 18, 2011, Rep. Weiner sent an email to the young woman from that same Yahoo! email address that included the now-infamous grey underwear photograph (attached to the email as “package.JPG”):

And apparently there’s at least one more picture, which Big Journalism will apparently not be publishing, as it is too graphic for a family internet. Rep. Weiner’s going to have a 4 PM press conference: it should be a sockdolager of a show, not to mention riveting television.  Check it out.

Moe Lane

*Note: ‘as-yet.’  Greg Sargent (in full teeth-grinding mode) heard that ABC News has the name of the woman in question; let us just say that there may be more than a name involved, there.


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