Sen. McCaskill: "We have paid every dime of our taxes."

That is, McCaskill said that she did, back in 2006 (via Hot Air Headlines):


For those who don’t remember the initial controversy mentioned in the ad, McCaskill’s husband was linked to some extraordinarily poorly-operated Missouri nursing homes at the same time that McCaskill herself had oversight over Missouri nursing homes as Missouri State Auditor. As you can see, back in 2006 McCaskill vehemently denied any wrongdoing, just before she declared that she paid her taxes.


Which she actually did not do in 2006; and has continued to not do since then. Iknow that this is just repeating Bill S. ‘s excellent post from yesterday, which is why I would like to point out an old Tom Daschle campaign ad below. You may remember it: it’s the one where he bragged about driving his own car to work.

Actually, it’s the Daily Show’s replaying of said campaign ad – NBC pulled the original, for some strange reason – and it came out after it was revealed that Daschle had avoided paying taxes on a hundred grand’s worth of free chauffeur service. The point here is that while it is not surprising that people lie to get to Washington and lie to stay there, it should also not be surprising that people are becoming more and more willing to bring up and keep bringing up those lies. Senator McCaskill would be well advised to think about whether she’d actually like to spend more time with her family: unsuccessful re-election runs can be mortifying, I hear.


Moe Lane (crosspost)


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