This week is the first anniversary of Obamacare.

And the Democrats are going to – very entertainingly – try to put the best face on that particular electoral disaster that they possibly can: they have a week’s worth of events planned, apparently in the hope that the only thing wrong with their party’s messaging thus far was that they did not speak loudly enough, or slowly enough, or use small enough words, or any combination thereof. They also plan to “shine a spotlight on Republicans who have opposed the law at every turn” – which, the last time that I checked, included not only every Republican sitting in Congress now, but the net +6 Senators and +63 Representatives who were not in their current Congressional seats in March 2010.  Put another way, Republicans do not so much worry that their opposition to Obamacare be highlighted as they demand that it be.


Seriously, when you have people like notorious pro-union violence columnist Greg Sargent saying things like “…hope for the best,” you have a serious problem.  It wasn’t the messaging that’s the problem here for Democrats.  It was the slipshod crafting of Obamacare, the blatant attempts to provoke a violent response to Obamacare, the numerous payoffs and corrupt deals used to bring Obamacare to fruition, the cowardice displayed by numerous Democratic politicians (many of whom are now suddenly private lobbyists) in their ‘defense’ of Obamacare, the arrogance displayed by other Democratic politicians (typically from districts where God couldn’t win as a Republican) ditto, the wholesale lying, libeling, and slandering of Obamacare’s opponents, the ongoing payoffs and corrupt deals being made for Obamacare after the fact, and – most importantly – the ongoing demonstration that not only is Obamacare dysfunctional: it’s probably unconstitutional as well.

But by all means: the Democrats can waste some more money trying to convince the public that a program that (to give just one example) killed child-only health care policies in 19 states is somehow good for kids.  By the way: I know that many people in the GOP base have an issue or two (or a dozen) with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, but he hit the right notes in his speech panning Obamacare:



“Utter nonsense.”

Watch, as they say, the whole thing.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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