The Hill: No SS reform from Obama administration.

OK, that’s not the title of the piece. The title of the piece is “Social Security reform splits White House political, economic teams.” I’m merely providing a translation from the original Beltwayese.


The problem is this: somebody told The Hill that Obama’s advisers are broken up into two groups. The first group consists of the financial people, who are patiently explaining that Social Security is taking in less money than it puts out, that the supposed Social Security trust fund is actually a bunch of IOUs, that it’s a bad idea to borrow money to pay our Social Security obligations, and that it’s absolutely vital that Social Security be put on a sounder fiscal basis immediately. The second group consists of the political people, who are curtly saying things like “Touch Social Security and you lose the 2012 election.”

The political people will win the internal debate.

And there’s really nothing else to say about that, is there?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

(H/T Hot Air Headlines)


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