TN Democrats go, charitably, nuts over teacher reform bills.

Based on their latest email blast, the Tennessee Democratic Party seems to have a problem understanding what “fascism” is, not to mention “terrorism.” Apparently, Tennessee Democratic chair Chip Forrester and House Democratic chair Mike Turner seem to think that these terms are appropriate for describing several reform bills currently being considered by the Tennessee legislature. Presumably they mean HB 2012 and HB 0130; the first is a tenure reform bill that introduces merit into the tenure process and the second is a collective bargaining reform bill that removes the Tennessee Education Association’s privileged status as the only permissible agent for bargaining with school boards.


Or perhaps Forrester and Turner don’t mean those bills, given that neither actually does anything like set up a system for mass murder of inconvenient minorities, create a totalitarian state that controls every aspect of life, and/or start aggressive wars of conquest. It’s a bit of a puzzler – unless you assume that this is just a cynical ploy to get money, which is a notion that Jim Geraghty is cynically suggesting and I am just as cynically endorsing.

And since cynicism is ruling the day… what’s really at issue, of course, is the “fascism” on display in this chart showing the results of the last state elections:

Assembly Previous Current
GOP 51 64
DEM 48 34
Senate Previous Current
GOP 19 20
DEM 14 13

So, remember: winning elections by large margins, and then governing in a manner consistent with winning elections by large margins, is now apparently “fascism” and “terrorism.” Clearly Chip Forrester and Mike Turner are the products of a public school education…


Moe Lane (crosspost)


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