An iconic Madison protester video.

It starts with pro-union protesters complaining that pro-union reform protesters don’t want to engage with them; and it ends with pro-union protesters engaging in rhythmic chants and literal whistle-blowing to interfere with the cameras.  Actually, that’s not quite correct: they actually grabbed for the camera, too.



This video is from Ann Althouse’s site; her and her husband Meade have been doing yeoman work in covering the Madison protests, by the way. They’re also been getting more and more radicalized as they cover it, which is hysterically funny when you think about it. Goodness knows, something about this tawdry meltdown by the Democratic party needs to be.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: By the way: thanks for all the campaign ad fodder for next year, Democrats. Much appreciated.

PPS: This is the whistleblower I mentioned earlier, by the way:

And this is apparently who he works for!

Remember: this is one of the guys that Wisconsin is trusting to keep the inmates from taking over the prison.


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