Nancy Pelosi's irrelevant budget objection.

It’s looking increasingly likely that Senate Democrats are unwilling to die on the hill of opposition to 4 billion dollars’ worth of cuts in the short-term emergency funding bill to supplement the continuing resolution that the Republicans had to pass in lieu of a proper budget that the Democrats refused to even offer last year – yes, that’s a bit of a run-on sentence.  It’s not my fault. – anyway, Reid doesn’t particularly want to play chicken on this one, particularly since the cuts are to things that the President pretended to be in favor of cutting anyway*.


However, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seems to have not gotten the memo, because she’s criticizing the cuts… and, by association, the President for suggesting them in the first place.  Such a criticism requires only the highest, most logical rebuttal:

Sit down, Nancy.
Shut up, Nancy.
When we want your opinion we’ll ask you, Nancy.

There is something almost unholy in the glee that comes from being able to casually dismiss the whines of the House Minority Leader on this, or any other, issue.  Particularly since Nancy Pelosi was and is infamous for ignoring the opposition during her four-year quest to wreck the Democratic party’s pseudo-moderate wing for the next generation.  House Democrats are spectators in this fight – which is going to continue past this emergency bill, and which will include entitlement reform – and they’re spectators largely because of Nancy Pelosi’s structural inability to plan beyond the immediate goal.

Put another way: in this case, karma is not only what’s for dinner.  It’s what’s for dinner, dessert, breakfast, and second breakfast.


(H/T Red Dog Report)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I say ‘pretend’ because, well, President Obama is off playing King Log again.  Which is arguably the best thing for him to do, given his particular skill set, but it’s at times like this that I wish that the American political system had a formal way to separate out head of state from head of government.


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