State of the race: WI-07 (Sean Duffy).

If you want to know how bad things are for the Democrats in the Midwest right now, here’s one particular data point: the Duffy/Lassa matchup in WI-07. This was David Obey’s district for over forty years, before Sean Duffy scared him off: it’s a D+3 district, according to Cook; and Democratic candidate Julie Lassa is doing everything she can to disassociate herself from the national Democratic party.  And even her own internal polls show her losing.


Partially this is due to Duffy, who is turning out to be an excellent recruiting ‘get;’ and partially it’s due to the fact that Lassa is being hypocritical about spurning the Democratic party with one hand, while taking lots of dirty DCCC money with the other.  And it’s also partially due to the fact that this is a bad year to be a Democrat in the Midwest – particularly if you’re one who understands that Obamacare is going to be a dead albatross around your neck.  Lassa’s particular way to try to reconcile needing to show opposition to the health care monstrosity saddled on the USA by the Democratic party with not jeopardizing the flow of all that lovely, lovely dirty DCCC money is to  pretend that she has a problem with the individual mandate (she doesn’t, particularly, as a state senator).


Couple that with somewhat puerile attempts to bring up Duffy’s The Real World gig and you’re left with a certain amount of wonder at who replaced all the competent political operatives in the Democratic party with these people…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Sean Duffy for WI-07, of course.


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