Somebody tried to set Russ Carnahan's office on fire.

If you are surprised to hear this, yes, well, it was a surprise for me too. It happened last weekend, in fact. Somebody threw an incendiary device in Carnahan’s office causing (thankfully) only minor damage: there was an arrest, but the guy was apparently let go.  And… that’s pretty much everything that’s known about the situation.


If that sounds odd to you, you’re not the only one.  Missouri political blogger 24thState is covering it pretty extensively here and here, and in the latter post he notes:

I’m a little amazed this isn’t getting more traction.  When Carnahan’s staff lied about a coffin being left on his front lawn, it was national news for the left wing television hosts, and a chance for Carnahan to send out a fundraising letter saying he was/wasn’t/was/wasn’t scared and needed money.

But now – in what Jake Wagman of the Post Dispatch is calling a firebombing of a sitting Congressman’s office, we see a couple of stories, and nothing else.

Um – even if firebombing is a bit of a loaded word, an attack on a congressman’s campaign office is a federal crime that should be investigated by the FBI.

There’s something… troubling about this, and for the reasons that 24thState is stating.  There seems to be some sort of media blackout on what appears on first glance to be an act of domestic terrorism: I was hardly silent when somebody shot up one of my party’s Congressman’s office, so I think that it’s appropriate to ask what’s going on with the investigation here.  Politically-motivated violence is politically-motivated violence, and it’s everybody’s business.


Moe Lane

PS: It’s particularly odd that the Carnahan campaign itself isn’t talking about the incident, to the point where individual staffers are not even admitting being campaign staffersSomething is going on here.

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