Look upon a dangerous Oregon scofflaw!

Tremble with fear at this enemy of the State of Oregon:

Her name is Julie, she’s seven years old, and she decided to sell some lemonade at a Portland, Oregon art fair… yes.  You know precisely how this ends: it ends with a county public sector union employee with a clipboard making a seven year old cry by threatening her with several hundred dollars in fines for not having the right permits.  And with the spokesmen for various public health departments justifying having their public sector union employees making a seven year old girl cry because, hey, you have to protect the public and the law’s the law.


Plus, it beats thinking.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, if Blue State/Democratic-controlled governments want to avoid being raked over the coals because their convoluted regulatory schemes keep throwing up scenarios where public sector union employees have to threaten seven year old girls and make them cry, here’s a thought: don’t make the regulatory schemes quite so complicated.  True, doing it that way requires one faction of the Democratic party (public sector unions) to have a fight with another faction (trial lawyers), but why is that my problem?


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