Eric Holder protects would-be race genocidist.

My colleague haystack already went off on this King Samir Shabazz, but there’s no way that I let this pass without comment:

Let me put this in some perspective for you, Attorney General Eric Holder. I happen to be the father of one of these white babies that this would-be race warrior advocates killing. Where I come from – which is to say, planet Earth – we do not give special consideration to people who advocate killing babies because of their skin color. Letting this man and his ilk off the hook for carrying weapons and intimidating voters in a polling place is giving special consideration.

And why was it necessary for me to type that out? This seems to be Elementary Enlightened Human 101: Killing babies bad*. I already knew that Shabazz is a failure at life because he doesn’t grasp the concept; I’m slightly surprised that Holder is letting it look like he’s in the same boat.

Moe Lane

*The Other Side would love this to change to an argument on abortion. Stay focused on the main point.

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