GOP shuts down deficit-increasing 'jobs' bill.

Ace of Spades HQ sums up wonderfully (if originally profanely) the destruction of that 100 billion dollar (and 30 billion deficit-increasing) waste of tax money* known as a ‘jobs bill:’


Democrats: Give us $30 billion. GOP: Um….no. Democrats: Come on! GOP: Nah. Democrats: How come? GOP: One, I don’t have it; and two, you’re already into me for more than a trillion already. Democrats: So what’s another measly $30 billion? Please? GOP: Man, just [expletive deleted] off. Seriously. Democrats: WHY DO YOU HATE THE POOR! GOP: I don’t hate the poor. I just hate you.

But I would like to remind my readers of one thing: this blow for fiscal sanity?  Brought to you by Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins (via Instapundit), much to the consternation of Democratic partisans… which apparently includes the author of the Politico article.  Or possibly Politico was just supposed to be in on the stimulus, somehow? – It’s all kind of murky these days.

Moe Lane

*Note for Democratic politicians and other economic illiterates: just because someone can pay for something without increasing the debt, does not mean that someone should.  And, frankly, after the way that the ‘stimulus’ did precisely nothing for the country the Democrats are not exactly trustworthy on this topic; which is my polite way of saying that in a just universe they’d all be wired up with electric shock collars that would go off whenever the collars detected activity in the “Let’s spend other people’s money!” portion of the brain.


Yes.  Why is it we never fund scientific or engineering projects like that?  That would be useful.

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