Carly Fiorina vs. the Sainted Delta Smelt.

Newly-chosen candidate Carly Fiorina (R CAND, CA-SEN) had a conference call today, and spoke somewhat about an issue of some interest to both myself and the California agricultural community: the delta smelt.


For those who are unaware: the delta smelt is, to quote Rep George Radanovich (R, CA-19), “a worthless little worm that needs to go the way of the dinosaur” – mostly because it’s a two-inch fish whose protection under the Endangered Species Act caused the government to turn off the water in the San Joaquin Valley.  That cost the state of California almost a billion dollars in lost revenue… and it turns out that the stupid fish aren’t even in (alleged) danger from agricultural needs; they’re in (alleged) danger from Sacramento sewage.

We will now pause while our Californian readers murmur, “Not surprised at all.”

So, Carly mentioned it in her opening remarks, I followed up on it, and Carly made it clear that she thinks that Barbara Boxer is still supportive of the Delta smelt because:


…the extreme environmentalists to whom [Boxer’s] been beholden for some time have captured her theology; and that she truly believes, that at all costs, against all compassion and common sense, that fish are more important than families.

I have to say: this is my opinion of Boxer’s motivations, too – explicitly including the fact that it’s theological in nature.  Nice that we’re going to get this on the record.

Moe Lane

PS: Carly for California.

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