'ZOUNDS! AG Cuomo (D) running for Governor!

Imagine my shock.

Andrew Cuomo, following in the footsteps of dad Mario and two scandal-scarred predecessors, announced his long-expected campaign for governor by promising a crackdown on corruption.

“I don’t work for the lobbyists,” Cuomo told his supporters Saturday afternoon in lower Manhattan. “I don’t work for the politicians. I don’t work for special interests. I work for the people of New York. Period.”


The real question, of course, is what Cuomo’s hidden catastrophic flaw is. Being a Democratic Northeastern Attorney General, he has to have one: it merely waits to be seen whether it’s hookers (Eliot Spitzer), lying about his military record (Dick Blumenthal), or just having the political instincts of a tasered marmoset (Martha Coakley).  Then again, there’s ordinary, vanilla civil corruption – but it turns out that Rhode Island AG (and gubernatorial candidate) Patrick Lynch may have that one sewn up (via Anchor Rising).

And here we all thought that state Attorney Generals were attractive candidates for larger office.  At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that Cuomo was running guns to Quebecois separatists.

Moe Lane

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