El senador Harry Reid se cree que todos ustedes son idiotas*.

And Harry Reid thinks that he himself is scared. For good reason: when you’re in good shape, you don’t talk like this.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lashed out at Republicans as the “anti-immigrant party” in an interview aired Sunday on Univision.


Talking with the “Al Punto” program, the Nevada Democrat refused to tell host Jorge Ramos whether he would first bring an energy or an immigration bill to the floor.

“Both of those issues, we need a Republican,” Reid said.

At times testy, he avoided taking any responsibility for his failure to move either piece of legislation.


(Via The DC Caller) As an intimation of DOOM this article is most excellent.  You got your bluster, you got your lies**, you got your defensiveness – and, best of all, you got your Politico writing up this entire exercise in would-be pandering with a skeptical air.  The truth is of course that the Democrats have the votes to pass anything that they please… but they’re scared of the popular reaction to an immigration bill that shows the same lack of engagement that the GOP that the health care fiasco had.  Unfortunately – for Reid – a bill that would be good for Democrats will be downright awful for him, seeing as he’s trying to do the aforementioned pandering.  Of course, if he cared about others more than for his own hide, he wouldn’t be trying to wound his own party in order to keep himself in office for just six more years…

Moe Lane

PS: For those in the Senate thinking about letting down the Democrats easy on this: I understand that the 2012 convention has Salt Lake City as one of the finalists?  That’s in Utah, right?

*Translation provided by Fausta.  My Spanish is grotesquely bad, mostly because it’s one semester of college Spanish grafted on top of three years of high school Latin, which was likewise bad.


**The ‘anti-immigrant’ part would probably startle, say, Vietnamese-Americans and Cuban-Americans, which are just two immigrant-heavy groups that seem to have had little problem fitting in with the Republican party.  Then again, both groups spring from refugees from Communist aggression, which probably counts as a Double Hate Score in the race traitor rankings that the Democratic party quietly uses…

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