Well, at least Meghan Cofield's getting work.

Who is Meghan Cofield? Well, she’s a Ohio worker who lost her job, and it’s all John Kasich’s fault!

No, wait, it was all John McCain’s fault!


Yeah. That was an ad from 2008 – same person, and even some of the same footage – when Barack Obama was pretending to be hating on NAFTA (needless to say, that promise came with an expiration date: also needless to say, Strickland has no intention of bringing that up with the President). Which leads me to the next question: just why is Meghan Cofield so depressed? She seems to be developing quite the career race-baiting the Chinese.

Moe Lane

PS: By the way: at what point does Ohio’s 11.0% unemployment rate start becoming Governor Strickland’s (D) responsibility?  Because I know when it can stop being his

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