IN SEN: Ellsworth at 34% against... everybody.

If I was a Democrat, I might suspect that Rasmussen waited with malice aforethought to release this poll:

Two of the three top Republican hopefuls for the U.S. Senate in Indiana continue to hold double-digit leads over Democratic Congressman Brad Ellsworth. Ellsworth supported President Obama’s health care plan in a state where opposition to the legislation is higher than it is nationally.


The two candidates with double-digit leads are Dan Coats and John Hostettler. The third – Marlin Stutzman (see Erick’s endorsement here) – is up ‘merely’ seven points, and that’s apparently because of a larger block of undecideds: Ellsworth is currently looking at 32-34% support across the board.  Which, probably not coincidentally, is about the percentage (35%) of Indiana voters who like the health care monstrosity that Ellsworth and his fellow-Democrats are about to wish upon us.  But, supposedly, the President is going to help out there, on the campaign trail and everything.  Since the Washington Post seems to have developed a sudden, fairly specific case of partial amnesia, let me refresh its institutional memory of candidates that President Obama has favored with his personal assistance: Jon Corzine, Martha Coakley – and Creigh Deeds.  Surely the Washington Post remembers Creigh Deeds?


Moe Lane

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