Post-Dispatch rewriting articles for the Russ[/Robin] Carnahan campaign[s]*? [UPDATED]

Jake Wagman’s at it again.

For those wondering, Jake Wagman was the guy who earlier tried to pass off this photo:

…as some sort of evidence that Russ Carnahan is some sort of rock-em, sock-em Congressman (and not, say, evidence of why American political dynasties rarely survive the third generation).  Needless to say, after being thoroughly mocked for it the reporter corrected – so you’d think that the guy learned his lesson about uncritically working with the Carnahan campaign[s], right?


Yeah, you know where this is going.To summarize 24thState:

  1. Jake Wagman of the Post-Dispatch writes an article suggesting that Roy Blunt’s not being on a particular list in that Leaked RNC Presentation That Would Be Meaningful During Any Other Election Cycle (LRPTWBMDAOEC) suggested that Blunt’s not being taken seriously as a candidate by the RNC.
  2. 24thState takes a bunch of screenshots.
  3. It turns out that the list in question was of Democratic-held seats that are ripe for takeover.  Hence, no reason to have Blunt on the list.
  4. Wagman rewrites the article, without mentioning said rewrite.
  5. Preliminary conclusion by 24th State?  Wagman should have noted the revision, but it happens.
  6. Then 24thState discovers some Tweets from the [Robin*] Carnahan campaign/Democratic party of MO, which predated the Wagman article – and which pushed precisely the same angle as Wagman did.
  7. And it’s apparently not the first time that the Post-Dispatch and/or Wagman’s done this, either.


  • If Wagman’s going to have a history of being in the tank for Russ [& Robin]* Carnahan, mere pity at that particular life choice shouldn’t stop people from bringing it up.
  • Whatever it is that [Russ]* Carnahan has, is apparently contagious.
  • Ed Martin is running for [Russ’]* seat.  That’s not a conclusion, but it’s starting to look like a bit of a relief.

Moe Lane

Crossposted to RedState.

*See what I did there, Jake?  I had it pointed out to me that it was the Robin Carnahan campaign who pushed the email, which I neglected to fully explain in my sheer joy of smacking Russ Carnahan around.  Because that’s a significant change, I didn’t erase the original story.

It’s not hard to do this.


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