Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) tries to pander to gun-friendly voters.

I mean, look at this picture.

(Via 24thState, via Instapundit)

…yes, I know. You are right now quietly resolving to never get within 100 feet of Russ Carnahan when he’s carrying a firearm. Me, I’m still wondering why – assuming that this wasn’t a faked photo-op – that the law enforcement people standing next to him still have jobs.  Heck, if that’s not really a functioning pistol it’s still subverting patient years of public education on gun safety.  And for the sake of Russ Carnahan, no less.


No wonder Cook upgraded this race to competitive recently.  And it a D+7 district, too.

Moe Lane

PS: Anybody who doesn’t understand What’s Wrong With That Photo is going to be somebody who thinks that guns are Evil Magic Talismans (thank you, S.M. Stirling) anyway: so there’s no point in explaining it to them.  24thState is more accommodating than I, though.

PPS: One hopes that Ed Martin‘s campaign is paying attention.

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