NEW: Dr. Ford's Attorneys Make More Demands of Grassley in Letter

Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney Michael Bromwich (what, do they not trust the female lawyers?) sent a demand letter to Sen. Grassley late Monday, making multiple demands and appearing to hold the Senate Judiciary Committee responsible for the (truthful) comments of Sen. Mitch McConnell from the Senate floor.


The letter also comes as an interview Judge Kavanaugh and his wife held with Fox’s Martha MacCallum aired, in which Kavanaugh showed more spine than all of the Vichy Republicans put together and vowed that he’s “not going anywhere.”

Bromwich wrote:

We are finding it difficult to reconcile your letter and Mr. Davis’ note with the Majority Leader’s speech this afternoon on the Senate floor….[Blasey Ford] is coming to Washington at your invitation to share her experience with senators as they consider a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court.

Well, first of all, Mitch McConnell won’t be in the room Thursday and isn’t voting on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Obviously he has a huge role to play in the entire confirmation process, but Bromwich acts as if all Republicans have to speak with nary a partisan bone in their bodies, but Democrats can say whatever they wish. (Which is their worldview, but not one any of us have to acknowledge as having any merit whatsoever.)


In Bromwich’s mind, any senator who wishes to completely trash Kavanuagh without having heard any sworn testimony corroborating his accuser’s version of events (which still isn’t clear) is simply open-minded and ready to believe victims of the patriarchy, but any senator who questions the validity of Christine Blasey Ford’s recollections (which aren’t just not corroborated, but denied by other witnesses) is a clear partisan who cannot possibly have a just result in mind.

Bromwich claims they don’t need an “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” because this is not a criminal trial. That much many of us understand, but for Bromwich to claim they don’t want to paint Kavanaugh as criminally guilty is disingenuous. Not only do they want to paint that; they already are.

Bromwich then demands to have the resume of the female attorney who might do the questioning and to meet with her Tuesday. Does anyone doubt that the reason they want the resume is so they can dig into everything about her and begin the “politics of personal destruction”?

If Blasey is attempting to do her civic duty, then the questioner’s identity shouldn’t matter. Are there really that many moments of nuance for her to testify about? Even taking the evidence in the light most favorable to her, there’s maybe, what, a half hour’s worth of interactions to testify about? And why does it matter whether a man or a woman is asking her about it, and what their political persuasion is?


For heaven’s sake, Dr. Ford, put your sassy pants on and get on with it. Your victim mentality and inability to answer questions a number of years after you brought it up to your therapist really makes women look weak – and we’re not. If you’d prefer, the women of RedState can join together and question you. We’ll even send you our resumes.


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