Time to Bork the Borkers on the Senate Judiciary Committee

As one of our authors said in a column at the beginning of Kavanaugh’s hearing, this current method of “examining” SCOTUS nominees started with Robert Bork.  Once the left saw Teddy Kennedy’s success, they grabbed ‘hold and haven’t let go.


This is our opportunity to turn it around.

We’ve been afraid to “discredit” a sexual assault or harassment victim. Unfortunately, the Left has made those terms so vague as to render them meaningless. And, they’ve insisted we believe every female because… chromosomes.

In my opinion, Chrsitine Blasey Ford suffered some kind of trauma. I don’t know who the perpetrator was, or when or where. I don’t believe it was Brett Kavanaugh. But, that is beside the point.

It’s crucial that the GOP destroy this Dem narrative so ferociously and so definitively that they don’t try it again.

We must Bork the Borkers.

One of the most influential books in my life, 48 Laws of Power, has some advice the Republicans in the Senate, and especially on the Senate Judiciary Committee, must follow. Law 15 says, “Crush Your Enemies Totally.” If you don’t, they can rally and come back and destroy you. I have seen the truth of that over and over in politics, and it is especially crucial now.

I don’t like referring to fellow Americans as enemies, but the Democrats in Congress have shown they have no regard for procedure, for standards, for truth and justice. They attempt to deceive people into thinking they are thinking of principles and values and what-not, but they absolutely aren’t. What we are witnessing now are the desperate cries of a cornered animal. They know they are losing; therefore, they cry louder and make even more outrageous demands and allegations.

Because we want to believe we are humane and have values, we want to afford them the opportunity to back away. We want to give them the grace and benefit of the doubt we’d want, if we were people who suddenly realized how far we’d gone astray.


At this point, giving them that grace is a fatal mistake. They’re not realizing they’ve gone astray; they’re utilizing variants of a few different laws: using selective honesty to disarm the victim, controlling the options, and concealing their intentions.

Republicans in the Senate – rumor has it that you’re still holding some cards that show Blasey to be a total liar. Now is the time to play those. Judging by past behavior, this Thursday time frame is an attempt to buy time so Blasey’s allies can find some other material to hurl at Kavanaugh, since they know this attack won’t work. It’s time to crush this sexual harassment game by stomping on its head. Obviously (I hope) true sexual assault will never be covered up by honorable people. At the same time, made-up sexual assault for political gain must be absolutely crushed so the Dems can never use it again.

The country depends on you, Senator Grassley.


A woman who has truly been affected by sexual harassment.


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