Why We Fight

By: Dr. Milton Wolf

Our nation is worth fighting for. Our Republican Party is worth fighting for as well.

The American Idea of individual liberty, limited government and free-market values was a radical departure from the long and widespread history of concentrated power. The notion that sovereign citizens could govern themselves was once scoffed at by the same nations of the world that have come to look upon America and our prosperity with envy.


Even before the signing of our Declaration of Independence, our soldiers sacrificed themselves for that powerful American Idea. And today, our service men and women have fought and died on every corner of the globe to defend the American Idea.

If we are to remain true to those divinely-inspired founding principles, our nation will remain the envy of the world for generations to come. If, however, our permanent political class — of both parties — maintains its stranglehold on America and continues to abandon those principles, the trajectory of history is unmistakable. Our nation will surrender its greatness and our children and our children’s children will never know the true blessings of freedom, prosperity and security that were given to us. And the fallen American heroes will have died in vain.

Our Founders envisioned a servant government whose cornerstone is a citizen legislature. A governing body where Americans from every walk of life bring their unique experiences to serve for a brief time and then, most importantly, go home and live under the laws they helped to create.

The Republican Party was once the embodiment of those founding principles. The grassroots conservatives who make up our party and write its platform still are.

Sadly, however, many of the career politicians in our Republican Party have become mirror images of their fellow career politicians in the Democratic Party. They sacrifice our party’s principles in the name of bipartisanship and in the spirit of Washington elite camaraderie. They cave to special interests and have long since abandoned any willingness to fight for our founding principles.


The Republican establishment in Washington today has become part of the problem, not a path to the solution. They fight harder against conservatives running in primaries than they have ever fought against any part of Barack Obama’s agenda.

It’s not enough to simply win a Republican majority in the Senate. We’ve already tried that. Just look at the 2000’s: Republicans controlled the Senate as well as the House of Representatives, the White House and even the Supreme Court. And what did they deliver? The fastest growth of spending and debt our nation had ever seen. ‘No Bureaucrat Left Behind’ for our schools and the largest expansion of Medicare in the program’s history. The auto bailouts and the bank bailouts. The largest expansion of government in our nation’s history until Barack Obama came along.

Why bother giving these establishment Republicans a majority if they’re just going to act like Democrats again?

Patriotic Americans all across our great nation are rising up. The grassroots within the GOP have had enough of the go-along-to-get-along agenda that has led to a $17 trillion debt with no end in sight. We have had enough of Republicans who cave to Barack Obama’s agenda so they can curry favor with their fellow Washington elites, while ignoring the will of their constituents back home.

Why are grassroots conservatives fighting the GOP establishment?

We won’t settle for a Republican majority in the Senate that governs like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Pat Roberts who go along with Barack Obama’s spending, taxing and borrowing when instead we can win a Republican majority that governs like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul who embrace the American Idea.


The first Americans refused to bend a knee to the British Crown and compromise how much tyranny they would accept. And today, we will not betray their sacrifice by bending a knee to the big-government agenda being advanced by the Washington permanent political class of both parties.

We, the sovereign citizens of these United States, will carry on the fight for the American Idea and we will win the Senate, but this time with actual conservatives.


Dr. Milton Wolf is a constitutional conservative running for the United States Senate in Kansas. Called “the next Ted Cruz” and the “Arch Nemesis of ObamaCare,” Wolf has been endorsed by Erick Erickson, the Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project and the Republican Liberty Caucus. You can follow and  support his campaign at: miltonwolf.com.



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