Water Cooler 11/2/18 Open Thread - Phone Banking; Americans Vote!

G’Day RedStaters!  And Thank God It’s Friday!  Just think – this is the last time that we will be together for a Friday Water Cooler before the Election.  In next week’s column we will likely have all the national contests sorted out, and we’ll know where the chips have fallen.  Did we take the red pill?  or the blue pill?  Did we follow the White Rabbit through the bunny hole into Wonderland?


Phone Banking

Many years ago, when I decided that just voting was not enough, I found an article by “ColdWarrior”, I think even before, or maybe as, I found RedState.  It was his written admonitions that encouraged me to research and then get involved in my county Republican Party.  Over the years I have walked districts, planted signs, manned booths, etc – but this was my first experience phone banking.  Here are some observations from the ones that did not go to voicemail:

  • Overall, most people, whether they agreed with our Republican causes or not, were courteous and we could be polite with each other.  Refreshing.
  • A few would just hang up – no big deal.
  • Some would fire off an F-bomb and get hostile.  This was most surprising when coming from “Republicans”.  🙂

But there was one class of response that is both tragic and prophetic, heard more than once:  “I’m a lifelong Republican, but I couldn’t vote for any of them”.  I know the betrayal that these voters feel – let’s just acknowledge that the Republicans have brought a lot of mistrust on themselves.  But of course, one is nuts if their response to the damage that Republicans have done is to vote for the Left – they openly promise much worse behavior than the worst of the Republicans’ failings.


We work to get Constitutional Americans into the running in primaries, and work to advance them or at least block the socialists in the general elections.

Voting to Save America

America is taking many hits these days.  Sometimes it is hard to see the path forward, versus what the Left calls “Forward”.  We don’t know the outcome of Tuesday’s elections, we don’t know what kind of waves or tides or attacks or defenses may prevail.  All we know is that a vote for freedom, for actual blind-folded-eyes justice, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness may be THE vote that makes the difference in a race.  Which may make the difference in outcome in the House.  Or the Senate.  Better yet – the combined efforts of many such people standing up for America may turn the tide.  Encouraging fellow patriots, discouraging and demoralizing those who wish to break America down.  Do not give up.  Vote, and Vote American!  (link to my first RedState diary!)

Americans, hold your ground!

And Rest in our God

Whatever comes Tuesday, we can’t see the future.  Our God can, and He has promised that He will care for His people.  We may see Tuesday as movement in a positive direction, or negative, but we can’t see what happens next.  God has rescued His people from themselves and from enemies more times than we can count.  Why could He not step in again?


Every day we are still breathing is another chance, with new mercies, and the same, faithful, God.

Open Thread

As always, the Water Cooler is an Open Thread!  What’s on your mind?

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