Water Cooler 1/12/18 Open Thread - The Border; Voter Suppression; More Laws; Pray

TGIF RedStaters!  Good to see you all this fine morning.  Welcome to Friday’s Water Cooler – always an Open Thread!

The Border – DACA, Security, The Wall, Monoparty


Was in Washington over the last week while our government leaders were working with the majority of voters on immigration issues.  Got a nice touristy snapshot that I can share with you here.  Go ahead, you can pass it around.  The “leaders” in blue (the dress if you like).  The voter majority in the nice yellow/black sweater.  Really heartwarming to see our government in action!

Californian “Voter Suppression”

I continue to see and hear references to California that make it sound like a sea of blue.  Not a conservative to be found.  The reality is a bleak landscape where more conservative voters are being suppressed through a huge Democrat scheme* than exist in all but two states.

Here’s the list of the Republican vote counts from the top states, in descending order:

  • Texas 4,685,047
  • Florida 4,617,886
  • California 4,483,810
  • Pennsylvania 2,970,733

Yes, you are right about the net result to the country, but you should be aware of this massive population that for now has no voice but our feet.  But we also have families, jobs, and other ties to this state, in my case, where I have roots back into the 1800’s.

If you are a Californian conservative, you should be involved working to take the state back.  If you are a conservative in another state save two, you should realize that we have more people working to correct California than you have keeping your state red.  And if you’re not conservative, you should try American values.


* Open borders, amnesties, sanctuary, Hollywood, takeover of K-12 and Higher Ed, etc.

California – The Regulators’ and Legislators’ Paradise

California has almost 900 new laws for 2018.  A buffet of delicacies for the Progressives.

From Fox News:

The signature achievement – sanctuary state:

Police will no longer be able to ask people about their immigration status or participate in federal immigration enforcement actions under a law making California a sanctuary state. The law also allows jail officials to transfer inmates to federal immigration authorities only if they have been convicted of certain crimes.

(Feds, you have my blessing to move in on this.  Border security is a federal issue.  Yes, Sessions moved the knob toward “can enforce”, but not yet “will enforce”).

A close second – Weed:

Sales of recreational marijuana will be legal under a 2016 voter initiative that created the nation’s biggest legal drug market.

900-ish of these.  Whahoo.

Pray for all of us: our leaders, for our citizens, for our aliens.

  • For all of us: that we will turn to God and His wisdom.  This is the missing element for our country.  We will not have peace and prosperity while turning our backs on and mocking God.  That we would see clearly again the wisdom in the American constitution, and that we would be the type of people (moral, religious) that can prosper under that system.
  • For our leaders that God would additionally grant them the energy to fight tirelessly to support this.  Enforce Godly laws.  Repeal bad laws.  Return power to the states and the people where it can better be held in check.
  • For us citizens – for vigilance in protecting our American way of life.  Our discussions and votes have (some) effect on how our leaders lead.  That we would mercifully be protected from the negative consequences of our and our leaders’ actions.
  • For our aliens – that the US will reform and make sane our immigration and security policies, and become predictable in this regard so that we will be welcoming to those who appreciate the American constitution and rule of law, and contribute to our peace and prosperity.  That we will discern and reject those who will not obey our laws, respect our freedoms.



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