Water Cooler 12/15/17 - Open Thread - Weird Star Wars Things; White Elephants

TGIF RedStaters!  Another Friday is upon us, and another opportunity to gather up at the Water Cooler and share whatever might be on your mind.  Pop culture, politics, the arts, how your week has gone…  All that and more can be yours!…  on Friday’s Open Thread!


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Weird Star Wars Things

Apparently there is another Star Wars movie opening today.  I know a lot of very excited people because of this.  I may get “treated” to someone running around in a Chewbacca costume today, who knows.  And speaking of weird and Star Wars in the same sentence – did you know:

And there is probably a lot more even weirder Star Wars stuff out there, but I don’t go to web sites like that.

Here is maybe the coup de grâce for me today.  I may have to mind bleach this one out, possibly pre-treating the stain: clothing that even I won’t wear.

White Elephant Gifts

No, not talking about giving something to a Congressional Republican Surrender Jockey, just the good ol’ fashioned gift exchange of the weird and wonderful.  Is this something that you do?  What’s the best white elephant gift you’ve ever received?  Stolen?  Had stolen from you?

From wikipedia:

The term white elephant refers to an extravagant but burdensome gift that cannot be easily disposed of, based on the legend of the King of Siam giving rare albino elephants to courtiers who had displeased him, that they might be ruined by the animals’ upkeep costs. While the first use of this term remains a matter of contention among historians, one theory suggests that Ezra Cornell brought the term into the popular lexicon through his frequent social gatherings as early as 1828.


Extravagant but burdensome, that cannot be easily disposed of:

Now I just have to get her into a gift bag…

Absolutely Too Cool

If you were somehow wondering what to get me for Christmas (I am working on your gift now), radio controlled military jets have to be the coolest thing ever!  Assuming that I can’t get a real ride in one (which I was promised by lying liars who lie via a nice promise on a piece of company letterhead) when I finished a college internship.

Check this out:

Peace Out

Wishing you and yours all the best as you balance the true spirit of Christmas, tradition, pop culture, politics, etc.  What’s on your mind?


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