As Tucker Carlson Announces Tour, CNN's Darcy Accuses Ticketmaster of Profiting From 'Hateful Rhetoric'

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In this episode of "THIS... Is CNN... The Most Trusted Name in News™"...

With former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s recent announcement of his upcoming 15-city speaking tour, the clown-car-driving hacks at CNN have clearly shifted into predictable panic mode. Ticket sales began on Friday, with mega ticketing outlet Ticketmaster becoming the target of the network's rage. 


And who better than super simp Oliver Darcy, CNN’s new chief, in-house idiot after Brian Stelter’s expulsion from the outlet, to lead the charge? Nobody. 

Darcy kicked off his anxious idiocy with a laughably hyperbolic headline about Carlson and Ticketmaster:

Tucker Carlson is going on tour. Ticketmaster is profiting off his hateful rhetoric.

Darcy began the reality-detached article this way (emphasis, mine):

Ticketmaster is linking arms with right-wing extremists, boosting their ability to reach mainstream audiences and profiting off their dangerous and hateful rhetoric ahead of the November election.

The ticketing sales giant is the distributor of the forthcoming live speaking tour from Tucker Carlson, who announced plans this week to crisscross the country with a 15-city arena tour, inviting fellow conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Greene to join him along the way.

On the Ticketmaster website, Carlson is referred to as “the leading voice in American politics” and “an alternative to corporate media dedicated to telling the truth about the things that matter — clearly and without fear.” While it is hard to imagine that Ticketmaster conjured this glowing description of Carlson itself, it is remarkable the company would approve it and promote it on its site.


What is that? Better question: What causes that irrational fear? The questions are rhetorical, of course.

The left-wing media — can we please stop calling these woefully biased people "mainstream"? — and their dissemination of news and commentary is arguably the greatest threat to mainstream America on the planet. 

Darcy also lost his "fair and balanced mind" over Carlson's announced tour guests, which include Alex Jones, Charlie Kirk, Megyn Kelly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Kid Rock, Roseanne Barr, Vivek Ramaswamy, Dan Bongino and Donald Trump Jr. 

In other words, key members of left's "Most-Wanted List." 

Other than conspiracy wingnut Alex Jones, who on Friday was ordered by a bankruptcy judge to sell his personal assets to help pay the roughly $1.5 billion in damages he owes for claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, any objective person looking at the remainder of the names on the announced list would reasonably conclude that if Darcy had an ounce of integrity, he'd simply admit he's vehemently opposed to their political views. 

The ominous fly in the ointment, here, is that the left is no longer content with simply disagreeing with the right, and offering rational alternatives. Nope, the left has intentionally fallen to a depth where its knee-jerk reaction is to seek to suppress, censor, or if necessary, destroy influencers it deems a threat. 


Tucker Carlson remains one of those perceived threats. Meanwhile, "The Most Trusted Name in News™" continues its self-immolation.

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