Netanyahu Hangs Tough: Bibi Tells Bumbling Biden 'We Have to Go in, We Can't Negotiate Now'

To the surprise of no rational person, the bumbling Biden administration has reacted in a predictable fashion to the brutal attack on Israel by Hamas that has killed more than 700 Israeli men, women, and children — many of whom were reportedly tortured and/or raped. 


While Biden's White House handlers released a hollow, tough-talking statement condemning the attack — under the name of the addled president — Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement that was so despicable it was later deleted

Not So Fast, Says Bibi

Despite Biden's meaningless, boilerplate response to the worst attack against the Jewish state in 50 years and idiotic Blinken's call for a ceasefire — soon after Israel began to exact revenge on the Islamist terrorist group — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would agree to none of the kind. 

And Bibi, unlike feckless Biden, backs his words with strong actions. Hence, Israel is in the process of kicking the hell out of Hamas as we speak.

Netanyahu told Biden on Sunday, as first reported by Axios, that Israel has no choice other than to unleash a ground operation in Gaza, according to three Israeli and U.S. sources who were briefed on the call.

We have to go in. We can't negotiate now. We need to restore deterrence.

The Israeli prime minister earlier said the war against Hamas would be "long and difficult," which, again draws a stark contrast between a leader with steely resolve, and the most intentionally inept president of the United States in at least modern history, if not all time. 


Here's more:

Israel's security cabinet officially declared war Saturday night after Hamas terrorists launched a surprise barrage of thousands of rockets into southern Israel, killing hundreds and wounding thousands, according to Israeli media.

Israeli soldiers battled Hamas fighters in the streets of southern Israel a day after Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists invaded the area and launched rockets from the Gaza Strip, killing at least 600 Israelis and wounding at least 2,000 others.

Israeli forces launched retaliatory strikes against Hamas terrorists in Gaza on Sunday, while also trading fire with Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group in the north.

Israel struck 426 targets in Gaza, blasting residential buildings to the ground, including a 14-story tower that held dozens of apartments as well as Hamas offices in central Gaza City. Israeli forces fired a warning just before the strike.

And next comes the Israeli ground operation in Gaza. 

The Bottom Line

As I wrote this article my mind wandered at times to how Bibi Netanyahu — if he were America's president — would handle the illegal alien invasion of America, which continues to worsen and shows no signs of stopping. 


Then I thought:

Wait — Biden intentionally created the southern border crisis, and he plans to continue to import as many illegals as he can get away with for as long as it can, so of course he's no Bibi Netanyahu.

Then again, Benjamin Netanyahu has a spine, while all Joe Biden has is a cabal of far-left handlers that tell him what to do, what to say, and when to say it — and no spine.

Man, I can't stop thinking about Bibi taking on the Mexican cartels and the continuing surge of illegal aliens — now, from all over the world. 

Joe Biden was unavailable for comment.



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