Socialism, Eh? Trudeau Orders Podcasting Platforms to Register With Canadian State Regulator

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As the Democrat Party, aided by "mainstream" media and Big Tech, continues its insidious efforts to suppress, censor, and ultimately control free speech and the dissemination of information in America, it remains incumbent on us to increasingly pay attention to the goings-on in the no-longer-Great White North.


In a further threat to freedom of speech in Canada, the pretty much full-blown socialist government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently mandated that the country's podcasting platforms and streaming services register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), as well as actively promote “meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.”

Let's highlight the first obvious red flag before continuing with the rest of the censorship story.

When a government uses terms like "meaningful contributions," "commonsense legislation," "fair share," and other such ominous wording, the first question(s) should be: "Meaningful by whose definition?" "Commonsense, or fair, as determined by whom, or what government agency?"

Anyway, as spun like a top by the CRTC, the Trudeau mandate is merely a “regulatory plan to modernize Canada’s broadcasting framework.” Sure it is. CRTC CEO Vicky Eatrides put it this way

We are developing a modern broadcasting framework that can adapt to changing circumstances. To do that, we need broad engagement and robust public records. We appreciate the significant participation during this first phase and look forward to hearing a diversity of perspectives at our contributions proceeding in November.


Uh-huh. Just like the Trudeau government has looked forward to hearing other diverse perspectives as it has aggressively pushed our neighbor to the north headlong toward full-blown socialism, if not, ultimately, totalitarianism, with respect to the (his) federal government being the final arbiter of every aspect of Canadian society.

Here are the specifics, according to a September 29 CRTC press release.

First, the CRTC is setting out which online streaming services need to provide information about their activities in Canada. Online streaming services that operate in Canada, offer broadcasting content, and earn $10 million or more in annual revenues will need to complete a registration form by November 28, 2023. Registration collects basic information, is only required once, and can be completed in just a few steps.

Second, the CRTC is setting conditions for online streaming services to operate in Canada. These conditions take effect today and require certain online streaming services to provide the CRTC with information related to their content and subscribership. The decision also requires those services to make content available in a way that is not tied to a specific mobile or Internet service.

A third consultation is ongoing. It considers contributions traditional broadcasters and online streaming services will need to make to support Canadian and Indigenous content. The CRTC will hold a three-week public proceeding starting on November 20, 2023, and will hear from 129 intervenors representing a broad range of interests.


Investigative journalist extraordinaire Glenn Greenwald also hoisted a red flag.

The Canadian government, armed with one of the world's most repressive online censorship schemes, announces that all "online streaming services that offer podcasts" must formally register with the government to permit regulatory controls.

Remember, far-left regimes and political parties most want to censor free speech that they most fear.

Among other influencers weighing in on Trudeau's latest move to censor Canadians and what they say, write, see, or hear, was Elon Musk. Needless to say, the "X" honcho didn't take kindly to the news.

Trudeau is trying to crush free speech in Canada. Shameful.

Short, to the point, and 100 percent correct.

So here's the thing. Does Canada really matter to the United States, all that much? 


I mean with respect to its apparently hellbent desire to embrace full-blown socialism? Not really — other than every step it takes in that direction must surely cause America's far-left zealots to salivate with envy, and lead the Democrat Party's efforts to emulate the insanity.

Incidentally, Joe Biden and the Democrat Party were unavailable for comment.



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