Bitter, Much? Michael Cohen Says Voting for Trump Is Following Him 'Into the Dumpster Fire'

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Former Trump "Fixer" Michael Cohen, one of Donald Trump's former most-prominent lawyers, not only had some harsh words to say about his old boss on Wednesday; he also pre-blasted, as it were, voters who'll support Trump in the 2024 Republican Party presidential primaries.


In a word, Cohen said it would be "stupid" for the GOP to nominate Trump.

Did I mention that Cohen recently announced he's considering running for Congress in New York — as a Democrat? In other words, I suggest that you read every Cohen comment I quote with that caveat. That way, you won't pull out your hair before you get to the end of the article. 

Anyway, Cohen — who worked for Trump for more than a decade, including during the 2016 presidential campaign, and was ultimately sentenced to federal prison in December 2018 after he pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and related crimes — really went off on Trump and his supporters, beginning with the former president's indictments:

None of these indictments, if you read them, leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that Donald Trump will be held accountable for the allegations that are raised by either Jack Smith, by Alvin Bragg, by Fani Willis. I mean, it’s very crystal clear when you read these indictments exactly what was done. It’s all backed up with documentary evidence and testimony.

Obviously, Cohen's observations, which I'm not even going to call legal opinions, aren't universally shared — not by a longshot. 


The obviously-bitter former Trump lawyer is really befuddled by Trump's continuing commanding lead in GOP presidential preference polls, which he called a "real head-scratcher" in early August.  

He is still the leading Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential election. That, to me, is the real head-scratcher. You know, anybody would turn around and say if a former president who wants to be president again is being indicted, that would or should be a disqualifying factor. 

But we’re not talking about one. We’re not talking about two. We’re not talking about three. We’re not even really talking about four. It’s five if you count the superseding indictment, and they’ll be a sixth with the second Jack Smith case.

Cohen then turned his flamethrower to full-blast as he trained it on Trump voters.

You say to yourself, are these people really that gullible? Are they really that stupid to follow this man into the dumpster fire of the cult of Donald J. Trump? Why? What do they get out of it? The answer is, they get absolutely nothing.

Damn. Dude makes Hillary's 2016 "basket of deplorables" blast look like child's play.


"Shockingly," Cohen made his comments during an appearance on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House," with host Nicolle Wallace, who gleefully swallowed his every word — hook, line, and sinker.

The Bottom Line

Look, we should give Michael Cohen some slack here. [heavy sarc]

I mean, unlike former "Republican" Reps. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) and Liz Cheney (Ariz.) Cohen at least has the stones to admit he's a Democrat. 

Incidentally, if Cohen actually does run, he says he's going run in New York’s deeply-blue 12th congressional district, which is currently held by the contemptible Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Politics; it never gets old.



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