Renowned Climatologist John Kirby Declares 'Wildfires and All These Storms' Caused by Global Warming

In this episode of Global Warming — The Existential Threat to Mankind, White House climate expert National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby is an interesting dude. Maybe it’s just me, but the guy “almost” looks like not even he believes much of the nonsense he spews. On Thursday’s episode of “CNN This Morning,” he went full clown show.

But first, as my colleague Nick Arama reported on Wednesday, Joe Biden gave an interview — never a good idea for the maladroit President of the United States — to the Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams about his position on climate change … I think.

As per usual, Joe was clueless about what he was saying, particularly when Abrams asked him whether he was going to declare climate change a national emergency. Here’s how that went:

“Are you prepared to declare a national emergency with respect to climate change?”

BIDEN: “We’ve already done that.”

“So you’ve already declared that national emergency?

BIDEN: “In a practical— you have a bug on you.”

Just one problem: No, we haven’t “already done that.”

So on Thursday, CNN trots out Kirby to attempt to explain Biden’s 27-trillionth verbal misstep, but the administration shill only manages to dig Team Biden’s already deep “climate change” hole even deeper. Kirby told host Poppy Harlow:

The president hasn’t made a decision yet on declaring a national emergency on climate, Poppy. But, for all intents and purposes, he’s treating this with all the due gravity and the seriousness that the climate crisis deserves. It’s been a focus for him since day one.

Uh-huh. Biden focused on multiple disastrous actions on his first day in office, including killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, throwing open America’s southern border to a steady flow of illegal aliens, rejoining the ineffectual, wealth-redistributing Paris Agreement on Climate, and rolling back Donald Trump’s environmental actions.

Kirby continued: (emphasis, mine)

I don’t want to get ahead of the President or his decision-making here. All I can tell you is that, as an administration, we’re going to stay focused on the climate crisis. It is front and center. It is right in front of us.

And these wildfires and all the severe storms that we’re — that we continue to see are definitely caused as a result of what’s going on in the rising temperature across the globe. And so, we’ve got to treat this seriously.”

Kirby added: that he’s “not making a speculation one way or the other….[he’s] just not going to speak to the president’s decision-making on that.”

And there it is.

While Kirby didn’t come right out and use the left’s former hyperbolic term, “global warming” — which has given way to the more inclusive “climate change,” which allows the leftists to include virtually all natural and weather phenomena, as they continue to catastrophize about “the existential threat to mankind” —  he did refer to “rising temperature across the globe,” which of course suggests global warming.

Yet, for example, as my colleague Becca Lower reported in late July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) canceled a speaking engagement for Nobel Laureate (Physics 2022) Dr. John Clauser after he had the courage to conclude: “I don’t believe there is a climate crisis.”

And as we reported in June 2021, noted author Michael Shellenberger, who focuses on politics, the environment, and “climate change,” wrote that “climate-change hysteria costs lives, but activists want to keep panic alive.”

Climate alarmism isn’t just about money. It’s also about power. Elites have used climate alarmism to justify efforts to control food and energy policies in their home nations and around the world for more than three decades.

In just the last decade, climate alarmists have successfully redirected funding from the World Bank and similar institutions away from economic development and toward charitable endeavors, such as solar panels for villagers, which can’t power growth.


In the end, climate alarmism is powerful because it has emerged as the alternative religion for supposedly secular people, providing many of the same psychological benefits as traditional faith.

I could go on with further examples, but you get the point.

The Bottom Line

What climate alarmist extraordinaire Al Gore once called “settled science” isn’t settled at all. If anything, ongoing scientific studies “settle” the reality that anthropomorphic “climate change” is hyperbolic nonsense. Yet, the inept marionette president of the United States is on the verge of declaring “climate change” a national emergency.


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