'What Kind of World Does He Think He's Living In?' Experts Baffled by Biden's Latest Economic Babble

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Let’s be honest: All politicians embellish, manipulate facts, employ doublespeak, or flat-out lie. Some less, some far more, but across-the-board honesty is not the coin of the realm of politics.


There exists a common misperception on our side, as well.

I don’t know how many times I’ve read “They think you’re stupid” about some ridiculous claim made by a Democrat. On the contrary, Democrats not only know full well that the informed among us know they’re lying; they couldn’t care less. Why? Because their lies are for the consumption of low-information rank-and-file Democrat voters, not informed conservatives.

This brings us to the 46th president of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

Joe Biden is perhaps the most prolific serial liar in modern presidential history. His lies range from a thoroughly debunked fabrication about an Amtrak conductor — which he’s repeated at least six times during his presidency — to his tale that his eldest son Beau died while serving in Iraq (Beau Biden passed away from glioblastoma in May 2015 in Bethesda, Maryland) to the “success” of the Bidenomics disaster.

Yes, the disaster of Bidenomics.

While speaking to a crowd of union workers at the Philly Shipyard in Philadelphia on Thursday, Biden astonishingly claimed:

I’m not here to declare victory. We got a long way to go in the economy. I’m here to say we have more work to do. We have a plan that’s turning things around pretty quickly. Bidenomics is just another way of saying ‘Restore the American dream.’


Victory? Turning things around quickly? Restoring the American dream? What is this guy smoking? Or, as recent palace intrigue might suggest, what is he snorting, for crying out loud?

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes told Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” on Friday he was “amazed” by the Biden administration’s rhetoric on the economy.

A year ago, Joe Biden was calling himself the deficit cutter, the deficit slasher. This year, two and a half times the deficit is what it was a year ago. He says he’s bringing down inflation, still twice what it was when he came into office and those prices are not coming down, just the rate of increase is coming down. People’s credit card debt, where is that? Record high. Business investment is not what it should be, headwinds overseas.

Forbes rhetorically asked: “What kind of world does he think he’s living in?” Great question.

Forbes predicted Biden won’t be the 2024 Democrat presidential nominee, based principally on the economic havoc he and his administration have wreaked on the American people throughout his failed presidency.

People feel the institution in this country [they] can’t trust anymore. And both sides, you see that feeling, which is why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is getting real traction. Who would have thought of that a year ago?


Former economic advisor to Donald Trump Steve Moore told “The Faulkner Focus” on Friday that the Biden economy is simply not working for many Americans — a critical fact about which Joe Biden appears to be totally unaware.

The people that have really been the victims of the Biden policies have been middle-class Americans Inflation is coming down, no question about it. It was 9 percent this time last summer. It’s down to a little over 3 percent now, which is good news. But guess what?

That huge inflation that we saw in the first two and a half years of Biden’s presidency is now baked in the cake. In other words, if you go to the grocery store, or you go to get your gas fill up, or you buy an airline ticket or buy meat, all of those things on average are up 15 and a half percent. And that’s going to continue as we continue to have this inflation.

Baked into the cake, Joe. Do you understand— never mind.

Moore further explained:

Wages over that same time period for middle-class families are up roughly 12 percent. So the math here isn’t difficult, a 15 and a half percent increase in inflation, a 12 percent increase in wages means people are falling behind, and they’re feeling it.

Finally, and most devastatingly, Moore said people who are in or near retirement are the hardest hit by Biden’s failed economic policies.

Who do you think gets hurt the most by inflation? People who have spent their whole lifetime building up their savings. So we estimate, for example, that the average 401(k) plan has lost about 40 or $50,000 in its purchasing power because of the high inflation and the fact that the market had not done so well. The stock market is doing better now, thank God. But it’s really difficult for people now to just retire on Social Security.


Imagine Joe Biden in a presidential debate with Ron DeSantis or Vivek Ramaswamy attempting to counter fact after devastating fact. That would be pay-per-view-quality stuff, for sure.

The Bottom Line

As I suggested at the top, all politicians at least stretch the truth from time to time.

I used to believe that Joe Biden was aware of every serial lie he told, as he told it. I then came to believe that perhaps, in the case of the Amtrak conductor, he simply misremembers events that never happened.

Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that the mental-acuity-declining 80-year-old man cluelessly parrots the lies written by his left-wing handlers while Joe foolishly fiddles and aimlessly tilts at “MAGA” windmills.



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