As Biden Spends Trillions on Political Boondoggles, 41 Percent of Small Businesses Can't Pay November's Rent

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In this episode of The Devastating Effects of Bidenomics on Hardworking Americans…


More than 40 percent of small business owners say they couldn’t pay rent on time or in full for the month of November, the highest this year. Wait— doesn’t Joe Biden keep telling us how well the economy is doing?

As reported by Just the News on Saturday, the small business network group Alignable has released a new survey which finds that the hardship varies by industry. A notable 57 percent of beauty salons says they couldn’t make rent, as well as 45 percent of gyms, 44 percent of small retail businesses, and 44 percent of restaurants. Toss in the proverbial “mom and pop” stores, and there you have it: The devastating effects of Bidenomics, Bidenflation, the Biden Energy Crisis, and the Biden Supply Chain Crisis on tens of millions of hardworking Americans continue.

Meanwhile, Biden has spent nearly 6 trillion taxpayer dollars on his ridiculous “Climate Initiative,” $21 million on the Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund, more than $40 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine–and the list goes on.

Even two former Obama economists warned that Biden’s massive $2 trillion, absurdly named, “Build Back Better” scam would increase inflation at a time when rates were already skyrocketing, and would add hundreds of billions of dollars a year to the national debt.


Yet, here we — and small business owners across America — are, as Alignable reported:

Making matters worse, this occurred during a quarter when more money should be coming in and rent delinquency rates should be decreasing. But so far this quarter, the opposite has been true.

Last month, rent delinquency rates increased seven percentage points from 30 percent in September to 37 percent in October. And now, in November, that rate is another four percentage points higher, reaching a new high across a variety of industries.

While small business owners cited multiple reasons for their difficulty with paying their rent, including higher rent costs and lower revenue, 60 percent cited inflation — make that Bidenflation — as the number one reason. Alignable further explained:

One indicator of the toll inflation is taking on businesses is a steep drop in the percentage of small businesses that are fully recovered, earning as much if not more than they did monthly prior to COVID. The percentage was 24 percent in October but dropped to 14 percent in November — an all-time low.

And, Joe?

The most intentionally disastrous president in U.S. history continues to display his sheer ignorance by absurdly calling for a ban on semi-automatic firearms every time a high-profile shooting occurs, agreeing to pay “climate reparations” to other countries, and doubling down on his support for “gender-affirming” care for minors — including irreversible surgery: double-mastectomies, hysterectomies, and castration.


All in the name of “progressivism,” right, Joe?

Meanwhile, a majority of America’s small businesses — part of the very fabric that built the greatest country on the planet — continue to pay Joe Biden’s intentionally heavy price.


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