WATCH: Clueless CNN Hilariously Explains What Biden Must Do to Improve Miserable Approval Ratings

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In this episode of The Most Trusted Name in News™…

I’m unaware of a media outlet that comes even close to beclowning itself like the mother of all beclowners, CNN, the ratings dumpster fire that is also the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news.”


In this episode, host Alisyn Camerota (It’s still hard to believe that this left-wing loon formerly worked at Fox News) hooked up in a Mensa-like [sarc] discussion with national politics reporter Eva McKend and a few other CNN geniuses to not only discuss Joe Biden’s miserable toilet-bowl-swirling approval ratings but to also offer “expert” advice on what the embattled president must do to improve his ratings.

That’s right: left-wing CNN, offering ratings advice to a left-wing president about how to improve his ratings.

Hard to believe this isn’t satire, ain’t it?

Anyway, Camerota kicked off the festivities by asking McKend why “young progressive voters” are “souring” on Biden.

President Biden’s latest approval ratings are weak as he launches his re-election campaign. That is especially true of one key constituency. Young progressive voters aged 18 to 29. Eva’s been doing a lot of reporting on this. So, Eva, why are young progressive souring on the president?

McKend was all over it, having extensively researched the problem [sarc] like all “good” leftists.

So, me and my colleague, Gregory Krieg, we spoke to young activists across the country. And essentially, they feel as though they aren’t being listened to or they are being engaged at the White House, but they describe these interactions as perfunctory.

One of the key issues was this Alaska drilling project that the administration approved. Now, the administration will say that that was already in the pipeline, and no pun intended, and that they had to do it. But also, there have been some other high-profile reversals as well, Alisyn, on public safety issues as well as immigration.

And they are telling us that it is not enough for the White House, for President Biden, to keep telling — and Democrats at large — to keep telling these young people, consider the alternative. You know, they have to come with a compelling, inspiring message.


Babble, babble, babble. But the bottom line here is as that much Biden hates the fossil fuel industry, he apparently doesn’t hate it so much that he isn’t able to have brief moments of clarity during which he pulls a surprise — such as approving the Alaska drilling project referenced by McKend.

What young Eva McKend fails to realize is, while Biden loathes fossil fuels, he loathes his disastrous approval rating even more. Nonetheless, Camerota agreed with McKend.

Well, is that true, Eva, because if let’s say it’s a race between President Biden and President Trump, these young progressives are not going to vote for President Trump, right? So, what is their — what would they do, sit it out? Is that what they’re saying?

Camerota’s question was legit — for disenchanted voters in both parties: are you going to sit out the election if your guy doesn’t win the nomination, or are you going to suck it up and vote for the guy who did because you’re smart enough to realize that sitting out is ignorant?

Here’s McKend’s response:

Well, they could sit home, they could stay at home. And, you know, it is — I think that also we are sort of hearing that there is this skepticism about the effectiveness of the electoral process, right? I voted and I’m seeing the erosion of reproductive rights.

Now, Republicans, though, are talking about, I think, some of the issues dear to this constituency in a way that is problematic, that it might push them to the other side. So, for instance, when we talk about trans youth, these young people, if you are a young person in this country, you are more likely to know someone who is trans, have someone who is trans in your family. You’re not talking about them in the abstract.

And so, these very vicious attacks that we see on trans folks across the country, that is deeply personal to these voters. And so, they could be so outraged by that on the other side that it may prompt them to support President Biden and Democrats, but it might not be enough.


Fair enough, but still a bunch of babble.

What rabid supporters of this candidate or that candidate often fail to take into account with respect to presidential elections is that elections are generally won by the candidate who captures the majority of independent voters and fence-leaners. In addition, as was the case in both 2016 and 2020, a significant number of “anti-votes” were also cast: in 2016, against Hillary Clinton, and in 2020, against Donald Trump.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of who wins the 2024 presidential election, a majority of voters on both sides of the political spectrum are opposed to a Biden-Trump rematch. That said, assuming they win their respective party nominations, the one least affected by negative or “anti” votes will win the presidency.


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